Publishing Coordinates


When you publish shared coordinates from a host project to a linked project, this changes the linked project.

The host project’s True North and shared origin are recorded in the linked project, based on the current position of the linked instance. This location is now named in both the host project and the linked project. More than one position of the link can be recorded.

When you publish shared coordinates from a host Revit project to a linked DWG, this changes the linked DWG. The origin of the host Revit project’s shared coordinate system becomes the origin of a new User Coordinate System (UCS) in the DWG file. The Y axis of the new UCS corresponds to the host project’s True North. You can name the UCS when you publish coordinates. It is not recommended that you change this name after publishing coordinates.

To publish coordinates:

  1. Click Manage tabProject Location panelCoordinates drop-down(Publish Coordinates).
  2. Place the cursor on a linked model instance and click.
  3. Select a named position from the linked model, and click OK.

The linked model file now has the same shared coordinates as the host model file.