Product Design & Manufacturing Collection

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The Product Design & Manufacturing Collection has something for everyone.

  • Autodesk Nesting Utility
  • Autodesk Nastran In-CAD
  • Autodesk HSM
  • Autodesk Factory Design Utilities

and so much more!

Product Design & Manufacturing Software Collection

The Product Design and Manufacturing Collection includes key products such as Inventor Professional, AutoCAD, Nastran In-CAD and HSM in addition to other software included. From engineering to production, this collection has all the professional-grade tools needed to help your entire team carry out their best work.

With The Product Design and Manufacturing Collection run your entire product development process, center all your work around your Autodesk Inventor data and stay at the forefront with product development with access to the latest capabilities as soon as they’re available!


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Everything you need

Run your entire product development process with an end-to-end solution that includes 2D & 3D design, advanced simulation, 2.5 – 5-axis CAM, factory layout, and more.

Powerful Workflows

Inventor has integrated CAD, CAE, and CAM capabilities to allow you to centre all your work. It also also allows you to connect with specialised applications in a seamless way.

Design for the Future

With subscription, you have access the latest capabilities, the moment they come available. Avail of continual product enhancements as well as incorporating new, cloud-based technologies like Fusion 360 into your workflow.