BIM 360 Ops

  • BIM-enabled asset data: Extend the BIM lifecycle to the building operations phase.
  • Data where you need it: Give your mobile teams the ability to directly access and update asset information.
  • Modern design: Improve your building’s performance and operations with better insight.
Mobile-first maintenance management solution

Autodesk BIM 360 Ops is a mobile-first asset and maintenance management solution that enables general contractors and building owners to realize the value of BIM in building operations. General contractors transform the handover process by connecting BIM asset data created during building design and construction to building operations. Owners begin operations on day one, with a mobile-first solution and the information they need.

Reactive Maintenance

BIM 360 Ops was designed to get the right asset data to your maintenance personnel when they need it, where they need it.

  • Ticket descriptions are streamlined and can include photos and videos
  • “Nearby” tickets are highlighted on the iOS dashboard
  • Detailed asset data, including 3D models and PDFs, are viewable on smartphones or tablets
Preventive Maintenance

BIM 360 Ops can support your preventive maintenance program.

  • Schedule asset inspections
  • Include mobile checklists to drive standards-based procedures
  • Assign assets to specific vendors or technicians
  • Monitor compliance with reports
Predictive Maintenance

BIM 360 Ops and Panoramic Power make predictive maintenance accessible to everyone. With just a few steps, your maintenance workforce can be alerted to anomalies as they happen, before equipment failure.

  • Clamp the outgoing electrical wire from the circuit breaker with a Panoramic Power sensor
  • Install hundreds of sensors in a few hours with no disruption to your operations
  • Sensors monitor flow of electricity and wirelessly send real-time circuit information