BIM 360 Docs

  • Allows construction teams to work more efficiently through sharing drawings
  • Constructability reviews and management of RFIs
  • Version and permission controls ensures a reduction in rework
  • Contract management and control of documents
  • App now available, access everything in one location

BIM 360 Docs Brochure Here

Construction Document Management Built for Project Teams

Customers can start and maintain multiple projects in BIM 360 Docs, which offers features including:

• 2D & 3D viewer
• online and offline web, phone and tablet access
• markups
• control of permissions based on company, role, user, file or folder
• issue management
• version control and rollback
• unlimited cloud storage

  • BIM 360 Docs delivers industry-specific capabilities for your 2D and 3D Designs.
  • Version control and set linking all role-based
  • Support for approval processes and workflows
  • Multiple teams can access, and review documents anytime anywhere, without having to manage individual seat licensing.

Seamless Integration

  • Seamless integration with cloud, local file systems and authoring apps
  • Virtually all AEC 2D and 3D file supported as well as data formats in the cloud
  • Ability to extract sheets from Revit models, AutoCAD drawings and multi-page PDFs automatically.
Collaborative Access
  • Collaborative access for the entire project team
  • Web and mobile access to all project plans, models, and documents
  • Collaborative viewing, markup, and issue management
  • 2D, 3D, and data-driven project views
  • No software download required