BIM 360 Design

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  • Revit Cloud Worksharing: Controlled Cloud worksharing in Revit – or what used to be the product we called Collaboration for Revit
  • Document Management Module: The document management module on the BIM 360 platform
  • Design Collaboration Module: Package Review & Visual Version Control
Cloud-based Worksharing

  • Transparency to design intent mitigates issues downstream
  • Anytime, anywhere, accessibility for entire project team
  • Single source of truth ensures project team is up to date with model version


  • Single repository of data regardless of design tool that understands AEC data
  • Design and collaborate within a single software environment
  • Reduction in number of siloed collaboration tools that are not focused on design data
  • Cloud accessibility to the design environment democratizes the talent pool
  • Improved design productivity and efficiency through tighter team collaboration