BIM 360 Build

  • Quality Control Programs
  • Daily Reporting with dashboards and Excel exports
  • Jobsite Safety Management & Inspection templates
  • Collaboration with automatic reporting
  • Commissioning & Handover including tracking and document additions
  • Access & Permissions
Construction Software for Quality Control and Daily Reports

Improve construction quality control and jobsite safety with BIM 360 Build (previously known as Bim 360 Field) – a cloud-based field management service.  The software allows you to combine mobile applications at the point of construction with collaboration and reporting. Take advantage of new ways of working and managing field processes such as safety, quality and commissioning checklists as well as drawings/plans distribution.

BIM 360 Build Brochure Here

Improve Construction Quality

Customisable templates and checklists allow you to track quality effectively.
Log issues as they arise, directly in the field with the use of one online database.
Manage standardised libraries of QA/QC checklists
Library functionality allows you to access project plans and contract documents

Field Data Management

Manage field data by using the BIM 360 Field mobile app – even without Internet connection.
With a simple user interface, you can easily juggle between tasks.
Features included within the app: document library, checklists for QA/QC, safety and commissioning and issue creation and sign-off functionality.

Updates based on field data

Data travels back and forth from the model to BIM360 Field, allowing the creation of a new model that updates dynamically.
Take advantage of advanced construction daily reports involving the whole team,
allowing subcontractors access and permissions to update.