To celebrate International Women’s Day, we would like to cast the spotlight over Vanessa Haugh who is part of the Senior Management Team at Procad. Vanessa has a very diverse role who oversees Marketing, Operations and Strategy. This interesting role allows Vanessa to engage with lots of people and most defiantly draws on the need for multi-tasking.

Since joining the company in 2008 Vanessa has seen a lot of change within the business itself and the overall industries that Procad serve. “It is a continuous learning curve; things are forever changing. One of the biggest changes was Autodesk’s Business Model Transformation on their journey to the world of subscription. I ended up writing my thesis on this topic, and it was very inciteful to get customers, partners and Autodesk employee views on the transition.

After her recent move to the countryside, Vanessa loves taking advantage of the beautiful walks with her dog Buddy and along with reading and DIY which has been a saviour during lockdown. Vanessa is a seasoned traveller and is planning her next adventure to China or South Africa or maybe both when opportunity allows.

Vanessa describes Procad as “a great team to be part of, everyone is so passionate about their contribution to our overall success. We have navigated some challenging times particularly over the last year, but the huge resilience and commitment from the team has been truly inspiring and I am very proud to be a part of that. We have a great working relationship with Autodesk, and this has ensured that we are continuously successful.

Vanessa’s wise advice for anyone starting out in the business world is “never pass up an opportunity to learn something new. Always keep an open mind and try not to sweat the small stuff. If you have a good attitude and strong work ethic it all works out in the end.