Using the tool palettes inside in AutoCAD is often a function that is overlooked when using AutoCAD. This function really applies when using the same objects repeatedly and you must keep copying them from one project to another or from one area into another. Instead if you create it once and place it onto a Tool Palette you can then select it much easier. Please see below how you can create and customise your own Tool Palette.

Creating your own Tool Palette

Step 1: Creating a block of the object.

The first step you must take is to convert the object into a block. To this you must first go to the “Insert Tab” and selecting the “Create Block” command. Once this is selected you will see the window below pop up on your screen.

Creating a block of the object

The block must be given a “Name” which best describes the object. The base point on the object then be specified on the object i.e. the point where you can select the object and move it. Finally, you will then need to select what lines will be apart of the block i.e. the object itself. At the moment in the screenshot above you can see that “no objects selected” so once you the object you will see the number of lines you have selected. Please see below as an example.

block name

Step 2: Creating a Wblock of the Block

Once you have created the block you then need to create a WBlock of the block which you have just created. To do this you type “WBlock” into the command prompt and select enter. Please see below the Write Block User Interface.

Creating a Wblock of the Block

As you can see once you select the Block Function and then click the Drop-down you should then see the Block you have just created. The next stage is to choose a location where the WBlock will be saved/stored, to do this you will need to select the button highlighted below and choose a location where you want all your WBlocks saved.



Step 3: Creating a Folder on the Tool Palette and placing blocks in the folder

To get the Tool Palette menu up on your AutoCAD screen hold down CTRL and press the number 3. To create your own folder within the tool palettes menu right click on anyone of the Tabs and select “New Palette”. Please see the below screenshot.

Tool Palette

Once you select new palette rename accordingly. After this you need to SAVE the drawing before dragging the block onto the tool palette or else it won’t work for you. Once you have your Tool Palette setup you can re-use your most common objects in various projects. Please see below an example of how the Tool Palette will look.

palette rename

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