BIM 360 Docs

BIM 360 Docs gives you the power to keep everyone on track, enabling access to models, drawings and documents. Leverage the power of this cloud-based document management service for construction projects and project teams.

When it comes to construction projects, poor communication can allow for project delays and expensive re-work on both commercial and residential construction projects. BIM 360 is software for construction professionals, designed to lower project risks and allow project teams to work together more effectively.

  1. There are Unlimited Projects.
  2. Unlimited Data Storage.

Customers can start and maintain multiple projects in BIM 360 Docs, which offers features including:

  • 2D & 3D Viewer

  • Online and offline web, phone and tablet access

  • Markups

  • Control of permissions based on company, role, user, file or folder

  • Issue management

  • Version control and rollback

  • Unlimited cloud storage

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Why BIM 360 Docs?