BIM 360 Design is a product for cloud-based worksharing on the BIM 360 platform.

Purpose-built for AEC, only BIM 360 Design supports BIM-based real-time co-authoring in Revit, virtual design review in 2D or 3D, and visual version compare in a controlled, cloud-based collaborative environment. It offers tracking and deliverable coordination and enables a streamlined connection to pre-construction workflows.

BIM 360 Design is a cloud worksharing, design collaboration, and data management product for project delivery, built on the new BIM 360 cloud platform. Made for distributed, multidisciplinary teams, you can co-author Revit models with greater file- and folder-based access controls, issue management, deliverable coordination, change visualization, and unlimited storage.

BIM 360 Platform

Autodesk brought Design, Pre-Construction, Field Execution and Handovers & Operations together into a single BIM 360 brand that supports Design, Build & Operate. BIM 360 is their new AEC cloud brand & project delivery platform.

This next-generation platform removes the need for single point applications and unifies your project data. The unified BIM 360 solution aggregates the data and provides transparency to project stakeholders making everyone more accountable and improving visibility in real time.

bim 360 platform


How does BIM 360 Design work with  the other BIM 360 offerings?

The BIM 360 Design is built on the BIM 360 Platform, which includes solutions that support design, build, and operate workflows for AEC projects. Here is a list of the offerings.

  • BIM 360 Design supports collaborative design authoring.
  • BIM 360 Glue supports preconstruction workflows
  • BIM 360 Build supports handover & operations.

What are the key benefits and business values?


  • Transparency to design intent mitigates issues downstream
  • Anytime, anywhere, accessibility for entire project team
  • Single source of truth ensures project team is up to date with model version


  • Single repository of data regardless of design tool that understands AEC data
  • Design and collaborate within a single software environment
  • Reduction in number of siloed collaboration tools that are not focused on design data


  • Cloud accessibility to the design environment democratizes the talent pool
  • Improved design productivity and efficiency through tighter team collaboration

BIM 360 Design includes 3 key items:

  1. Controlled Cloud worksharing in Revit – or what used to be the product we called Collaboration for Revit
  2. The document management module on the BIM 360 platform
  3. And the Design Collaboration module

BIM 360_Design-1

Controlled Cloud Worksharing Team Dynamics

The addition of the design collaboration module allows the enhancement of Cloud worksharing. This module will give teams the ability to create work in progress models before saving to the team space enabling greater control over their design space before contributing to the shared team project. This was the most requested feature of the existing Collaboration for Revit customers.

Cloud Worksharing Team

Desktop Connector

Don’t forget about the desktop connector which is freely available to all customers. There are 2 installers – you will need the basic Desktop Connector and then you must install the BIM 360 Docs version which will update the connector to save data automatically from the desktop to your BIM 360 account. You will need a subscription of BIM 360 Docs or BIM 360 Design in order for the connector to access the correct cloud location.

Desktop Connector
  • Freely available
  • Connect desktop to Cloud
  • Connect files to worksharing


Over-all Benefits of BIM 360 Design:

Faster, more efficient Revit collaboration:  With anytime access to Revit models – from anywhere in the world – your design team won’t waste time.  Virtual collocation means distributed design teams or remote staff can model from wherever they happen to be.

Access to more projects: Your firm’s physical address doesn’t matter anymore. Extend your reach and participate in projects or joint venture partnerships wherever they may be located.

Better allocation of team talents and resources: Assign the best team members with the strongest skill-set and the talent you need.  Enable designers to work on multiple projects based in different locations at the same time.

Include everyone: Use BIM Team to give project team members, partners or consultants who don’t have Revit a real-time view of models for faster communication and better buy-in.

Start collaborating today with BIM 360 Design!

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