At Procad we have decided to run a series of blogs focusing on AutoCAD Features, with our first in the series covering “Match Properties Command”.

Once you have already established the properties, i.e. line type, line weight, colour, hatching or transparency of objects on a layer in CAD, you can quickly apply those same properties and/or assign another object to that layer through the ‘Match Properties’ command.

This can be a more efficient way of working, especially if you have a large number of layers in your drawing.

You can open the ‘Match Properties’ command by clicking on the icon (below left) on your toolbar,

or by typing in ‘matchprop’ (below) in the command line at the bottom of your screen.

Icon Command





Once the command has been activated, you will be prompted to select the source object, i.e. the object whose properties you would like to copy. You will then be asked to select the destination objects, i.e. the new objects you would like to apply the properties to. If you would like to control which properties are transferred, type ‘s’ into the command line and press enter for ‘settings’.

Settings Box

This will open the above property settings dialogue box where all boxes are ticked by default. Here, you can untick any properties you would not like copied to the new object. Select OK.

Select the objects you would like to transfer these properties to and press enter to finish.

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