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3DS Max: 2018.1 Release

2021-06-24T22:36:24+00:00June 24th, 2021|News|

On June 8, Autodesk will be announcing the release of 3ds Max 2018.1. A big part of the release will be 3ds Max Interactive, a new feature of 3ds Max for authoring VR visualizations.

Welcome to design visualization central: 
Architects and design visualization specialists need a better way to communicate their vision to all stakeholders, before breaking ground. With interactive and virtual reality content quickly becoming the ‘new normal’ for consumer and business content experiences alike, Autodesk is making it possible to integrate interactive visualization and VR as a natural part of the design process with Live Design.

3ds max to VR.jpg
3ds Max to VR: Level send
Iterating is easier than ever: update 3D content in 3ds Max and send it to the VR engine in just one click.

The Live Design Story (Interactive Visualization)

Autodesk have extended the power of 3ds Max with a virtual reality (VR) engine to create immersive and interactive architectural visualizations. Design visualization specialists can optimize and refine scenes in 3ds Max, then transform them into engaging experiences by connecting the data in 3ds Max Interactive in just a few clicks.

The Now and Future of Virtual Reality for Design Visualization

A panel of experts gathered to discuss the new and emerging trends in VR for design visualization, how their studios are incorporating VR into their practices today, and what’s in store for tomorrow.

The bottom line is VR is changing the way we work. The hardest part is getting started. By putting a stake in the ground and experimenting, you can begin integrating VR into your own design visualization practice.

Check out our next blog where we’ll walk you through the steps of setting up a plug-in project to use Qt in 3DS Max.

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