Autodesk Vault

Vault Workgroup


Autodesk® Vault enables workgroups to improve productivity and provide faster design cycle times by making it easier to create and share Digital Prototyping information.

Enable your workgroups to control and manage their design data with increased functionality for data management, data search and reuse, revision control, and simple administration and configuration.

Vault Workgroup integrates advanced functionality and features with business applications.

Product Features

  • Data Standardisationcontrol document standards and properties
  • Integrationuse Vault with CAD products
  • Automationtrack, manage and organise data automatically provide Vault access for non-Cad users
  • ScalabilityConnect engineering workgroups across sites
  • Standardise –  shared content for the entire team
  • Project Lifecycles – manage file release process
  • Cloud connection with Buzzsaw enabling you to synchronise your work across sites and devices

Vault WORKGROUP – Data Reuse Video

See how the intelligent copy design functionality can save you hours of time in your design process.

Procad Vault Workgroup

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