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Autodesk® Vault enables workgroups to improve productivity and provide faster design cycle times by making it easier to create and share Digital Prototyping information.

Enable your workgroups to control and manage their design data with increased functionality for data management, data search and reuse, revision control, and simple administration and configuration.

Vault Professional includes all the functionality of Vault Workgroup, with additional functionality and provides administrators with the scalability required to manage large workgroups across multiple locations.

Product Features

  • Automated PDF creation for document controls: Vault 2018 automatically renders PDF formats from 2D design files using the same settings as the authoring CAD applications. It supports all Inventor and AutoCAD drawing files and allows administrators of Vault to produce the same PDF quality as their CAD counterparts.
  • Batch Plot Enhancements: Along with the ability to create PDF from drawing files, when you batch plot the PDF, all printing options are made available so they the user can set the plot size, orientation, color, and scale.
  • Enable Administrative Task Delegation: Vault 2018 has new administrator roles which keep collaboration secure and allows the global administrator the ability to delegate tasks like security or Vault setting to other team members in the organization without assigning them to full administrative privileges.
  • Custom Jobs during Lifecycle Transitions: Vault Administrators are now able to assign custom jobs to lifecycle transitions directly within the Vault Settings dialog. As Vault administrators define new or existing lifecycles, they may select a target lifecycle state and edit the transition by specifying a custom job directly under a new Custom Jobs Type tab.
  • Enhanced Design Experience: Significant usability improvements within the CAD add-ins to enhance the overall design experience. Designers using the Autodesk Vault 2018 add-in for Autodesk Inventor may now detach, float, and reattach the Vault browser into new screen positions to optimize their application layout.

Vault Professional – BOM Management Video

See how you can create and maintain a complete Bill of Materials for your design.

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