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Need a Network License File?

So, you’ve gotten your 2013 product from Autodesk and naturally you want to get up and rolling with your new product.  For this you need your updated Network License File to get up and running on the server. There are three avenues you can take –

Autodesk have their own online website – Register Once – which will automatically issue you a license file for  your software. This is on condition you have a few pieces of information handy, lucky for you this post exists eh? Below outlines how to get these – server name, ip address, CSN & serial number etc.

Firstly you’ll need to do the following “Start” > “Run” > “cmd” > OK > ipconfig/all > Enter



From this screen we need to take account of the –

  • Host Name
  • Physical Address (also known as the Mac i.d)

From here we need to log into Register Once with your Autodesk subscription centre details – if you do not have these details to had please contact Procad to have them resent.

The account (company) your login is associated with will then be populated and you will be asked to insert your serial number and operating system


The system will automatically register if you license is networked and will ask you to populate the fields below. At this stage you will need to contact your IT and see what type of server the company uses – single, redunant or distributed. For the Server 1 Host Name field you are to insert the ‘Host Name’ and for the server id you enter the  ip address. If your ip address looks similar to 01-F1-F3-F0-89-63 then you will need to remove the ‘ – ‘ between each set of figures.


The next page will load you network license file. There is the option to save this out as a notepad file. Do this and then save it to – Program FilesAutodesk License Managerlicense folder.


If you have any problems give us a ring at Procad on (061) 498900.