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Solidworks to Inventor

Inventor 2016 R2 Update: Subscription Customers

The inventor 2016 R2 update is available to subscription customers and includes Shape generation technology and other product enhancements. Instead of simulating performance after you have modeled the part, you can now tell the software what you want to achieve and you computer goes to work generating an optimized structure based on your requirements. You get to the best design faster than ever before. This release is more than just an update. It’s the future of true ‘computer-aided-design and furthers the power of Inventor’s product development platform to help you innovate, collaborate, engineer and make great products.

Shape Generator: A Design tool for helping you create structurally efficient parts.

Shape Generator is aimed at the early stages of conceptual design and it has been integrated into Inventor Professional. It’s a conceptual design tool that relies on finite element methods to optimize material for a defined set of criteria. You specify the boundary conditions, the loads, and the target and it figures out how to remove or deform the material to hit the target. The result is a 3D mesh, which you can reference back into your model to refine your design.

Inventor 2016 R2 Update: Subscription Customers

To start using it, directly install using the Autodesk Application Manager (recommended) or click the blue button to access the Inventor 2016 R2 download via MyAccount.

Inventor 2016 R2 and other product enhancements:
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