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Have you heard about Autodesk Cloud?

If you haven’t then your missing out. Autodesk Cloud is a collection of web-based features, products and services that are available for free to everyone – however Autodesk Subscription customers will be further benefitted with additional tools to further enhance their workflows.

Autodesk Cloud Documents allows subscription customers to access 3GB of storage capacity per seat on subscription (users without avail of 1GB) allowing you to store, share and view files via a web browser or mobile device. You can set access levels to the files you upload and with activity tracking so you can see who opened it and when. To access the Cloud use your Autodesk i.d and password (or create one) and go online to – . You can review and comment on DWF files via Autodesk Design Review and edit and markup DWG’s in AutoCAD WS, both which are available to users as part of the cloud, making collaboration a breeze.

Cost Effective Version of Autodesk for all

There is also some exclusive aspects of Autodesk Cloud only available to Subscription holders.

• Rendering: Create more photorealistic images and panoramas of your designs in less time.
• Autodesk Revit Conceptual Energy Analysis: Compare the energy and lifecycle costs of design alternatives and make informed decisions that help create more sustainable designs.
• Autodesk Green Building Studio: Optimize energy efficiency and work toward carbon neutrality with multiple design iterations.
• Autodesk Buzzsaw: Deploy and manage a collaborative web-based platform where you can store, share, and exchange project information with internal and external teams.
• Autodesk Inventor optimization: Test the performance of multiple designs through cloud-based design simulation with Autodesk Inventor (coming soon).

~ Rhea