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Energypoint Launch – Procad & Minister Michael Noonan

At the recent launch of Energypoint, Finance Minister Michael Noonan was invited to say a few words about the importance of local industries remaining competive and taking the opportunity to review all possible sources of cost savings including Energy Monitoring and Targeting.

ProcadGroup have been involved in Energy awareness for a number of years and have successfully project managed and completed initiatives all over Ireland. Taking things to the next level involves identifying further cost saving opportunities within organisations with higher energy bills. This allows companies to set their budget and work within specific parameters.

Procad has been able to utilise the latest Autodesk Technology to help orgainsations to assess the energy needs at the design stage. Autodesk Factory Design Suite 2012 allows you to input the energy requirements of the equipment being used within a production line and to easily come up with many scenarios that will show the  most economical layout and configuration to ensure cost savings and energy usage.

Procad are organising weekly demonstrations of Factory Design Suite both online and at venues near you.

Contact us today for further information.

Pictured below is Cormac Lyons and Minister Michael Noonan, reviewing the Autodesk design Suites and discussing the enormous benefits that are offered within the Autodesk Factory Design Suite and the Autodesk Product Design Suite.

Photo - Cormac Lyons Procad and Minister Michael Noonan
Review of the Autodesk Design Suites by Michael Noonan