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Configuration of Autodesk Network Licencing Manager


On our support desk we get plenty of calls in relation to network licence configuration, and how we set it up.

So i thought I would blog about it to explain a few steps.

There are 3 requirments

Licence server ( a Server Or PC that is joined to the Network)

Autodesk Network Licence Manager (LMTOOLS)

Licence file (This can obtained from Autodesk on line)

On the licence server we Install the Autodesk Network Licence Manager

you can install the Licnece Manger from your Autodesk Media Kit (Install Tools and Utilities)

Once we have installed the Licence Manger it is then time to Configure our licence file.

To obtain your licence file  please click Here

To configure the Autodesk licence Manger  please click Here

The  links above very detailed and goes through step by step how both obtain,configure the licence and Licence Manger.

They are a few tests you should review before configuing your licence manager.

  • Ensure that client PCs can see (ping) the licence server on the Network
  • Firewalls are not preventing  are not blocking the licence ports.
  • The licence file itself has got the right MAC address and server Name.

I hope this helps but as always, if you have any questions on the above please dont hesitate to contact the Procad Support Team