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Autodesk Vault 2014 Compatability

Some key thing’s here to Note.
Firstly Autodesk Vault client is now supported on a 64 Bit platform 
This is great news as command such as Copy design, Get latest, Rename, Batch plot will work alot quicker
Indexing of files and search results response times will greatly increase.
Secondly Autodesk Vault client is now supported on Windows 8, for those who have purchased Hardware of late this is great
This also coincides with a previous Blog outlining Autodesk Supported Products on a Windows 8 Platform
Autodesk Webclient is also now supported on Internet Explorer 10
From the Back end and  the Server Side
Autodesk Data Management Server support is now supported on Microsoft Server 2012
Autodesk Data Management Server SQL Databases are now supported on Microsoft SQL Server 2012
For further information in relation to Vault system requirements please click here
As always if you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact the Procad team