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Autodesk Inventor Project settings

What are Autodesk  Inventor Projects?

Inventor uses projects to identify folders that contain files unique to a design project and folders that contain library files referenced by a design project. Projects define the locations of templates, styles, and Content Center configurations

The reason why we use inventor Projects is to maintain links between Parts Drawings and Assemblies. Projects file provides  us the functionality to find and access Inventor data quickly.Projects files prevent us from saving files outside a project location.

A project file will typically have Parts and Assemblies(Workspace) unique to the Project, That project may also have company based parts(library) that are common across all projects and designs, off the shelf components such as fasteners,fittings,or electrical components(Content Center)

For good house keeping you should start with a good folder structure, the folder structure below is the one I use and also the one I use for training.

To review and set up an Inventor project I have complied a video for you, the Link to this file is as follows


Project Set up


Hope this Helps