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AutoCAD 2017: It’s… Arrived! Expect Inventor & Revit 2017 here shortly too..

The latest release enables you to work faster and smarter across connected desktop and mobile solution, collaborate with colleagues, and stay up to date with the newest features.

Also included when you subscribe: AutoCAD 360 Pro mobile app—so you can take AutoCAD with you wherever you go!

Here are a selected few AutoCAD 2017 key features.

Import PDFs

A popular way to publish and share design data is PDF files. With its new tools, AutoCAD 2017 makes it easier for you to import geometric graphics, raster images and text from PDF files

Image 1

Autodesk Desktop App

Get the most out of new features with seamlessly delivered product updates and learning content. Autodesk Desktop App, a companion application that replaces Autodesk Application Manager, also provides the latest security patches and updates for all 2015, 2016, and 2017 versions of Microsoft Windows based Autodesk products without disrupting your workflow. And it’s even subscription-aware, offering updates and learning content for your products under subscription.

Smart Centerlines/Center Marks

Create and edit centerlines and center marks more quickly and intuitively. When you move associated objects, the centerlines and center marks update accordingly.

image 2

This makes drawing centre lines much less tedious.

Resizable dialog boxes

In the new version, many dialog boxes have been made larger. AutoCAD 2017 lets you resize other dialog boxes, and it will remember your last setting. This allows you to view more information with less scrolling, and make edits in dialog boxes easier.

image 3

Revision clouds

You can now create revision clouds with more flexibility and modify these easily. Draw revision bubbles around new changes in a drawing to quickly identify your updates. Whatever the shape of your revision cloud, it’s now easier to edit its size and shape with a grip.

image 4
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