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Deploying Autodesk software and updates

Deploying Autodesk software and updates

Using PDQ Deploy (Free version)

PDQ Deploy is an application that remotely installs software to client machines on a network. In 2 easy steps you can install Autodesk applications and updates on multiple client computers and save yourself a lot of time and effort.

This example features the process to deploy Service Pack 1 for Vault 2016 but you can use it for any update or installation. Note that product installations may require an Autodesk deployment package to be created first – please contact us for details.

First download and install PDQ Deploy – The Free version will perform the steps shown here, purchase the Pro or Enterprise version if you want other features such as scheduling, email notifications, etc.

Download the Service Pack from the Autodesk website and unzip to a folder.

Image 1

Step 1 – Create a Deployment Package

Start PDQ and create a new Deployment Package by clicking the icon on the toolbar or File \ New Package. Enter a Name to identify the package in the Package Properties screen. You can enter the Version and a Description if desired. Leave other options at default settings.

Click Step 1 and click the Browse button beside the Install File field – browse to the Autodesk Client file that you downloaded and select it. No additional options are required for this update.

Image 2

Save the Package and close it.

Step 2 –Deploy the Package

Select the Package from the list on the left-hand side and then click the Deploy button on the top-right corner and then Deploy Once from the pop-up menu.

Click Choose Targets button on the new window and then Active Directory on the pop-up menu (or use one of the other options if preferred). The Credentials field should show the details you entered during installation. Default settings for Credentials and Run As should work in most cases but may need to be modified depending on your account permissions. If the default options do not work for you, please contact us for assistance.

You can tick the Remember these targets for next time checkbox to save the target list.

Select all the required Computers from the list and click the button to transfer to Targets list. Click OK when all are added.

Image 3

Click the Deploy Now button to install the update on all the target computers.

Image 4

The main screen shows the progress of the deployment and the final result when completed. All target computers should now be updated to Service Pack 1.